All Sermons From 2012:
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  Title Preacher Date Link  
  Four Types of False Worship Carpenter 2012-07-01 HERE  
  Caution to Graduates Carpenter 2012-07-01 HERE  
  Power Over the Tongue Camuglia 2012-07-03 HERE  
  True Worship Carpenter 2012-07-08 HERE  
  Young People of the Church Carpenter 2012-07-08 HERE  
  Heavenly Wisdom Camuglia 2012-07-11 HERE  
  Worship as a Way of Life Carpenter 2012-07-15 HERE  
  Lessons From Jesus Rice 2012-07-15 HERE  
  We are Saved to Worship Carpenter 2012-07-22 HERE  
  Peters Sermon at Pentecost Carpenter 2012-07-22 HERE  
  Neither Give Place to the Devil Daniels 2012-08-01 HERE  
  God Does Not Change Carpenter 2012-08-05 HERE  
  Stay in the Ship Lieb 2012-08-05 HERE  
  Building a Christain Home Carpenter 2012-08-12 HERE  
  A Prayer List for the Church Carpenter 2012-08-12 HERE  
  Biblical Principals of Music Lenehan 2012-08-15 HERE  
  We Worship Because of Who HE is Carpenter 2012-08-19 HERE  
  The Response to Jesus Carpenter 2012-09-02 HERE  
  How Should a Church Look Carpenter 2012-09-02 HERE  
  Worship comes from the Heart Carpenter 2012-09-09 HERE  
  Cuban National Pastor Marshall 2012-09-09 HERE  
  Godly Advice and Counsel Carpenter 2012-09-12 HERE  
  Living Temples Carpenter 2012-09-16 HERE  
  Miracles that are not for Today Carpenter 2012-09-16 HERE  
  Jesus is GOD Carpenter 2012-09-23 HERE  
  Peter Presents Christ Carpenter 2012-09-23 HERE  
  The Apocrypha Carpenter 2012-09-23 HERE  
  Missions Conference 2012 Pt 2 Creel 2012-09-26 HERE  
  Missions Conference 2012 Pt 1 Trump;Wilt 2012-09-26 HERE  
  Missions Conference 2012 Pt 4 Creel 2012-09-27 HERE  
  Missions Conference 2012 Pt 3 Wilt;Gross 2012-09-27 HERE  
  Missions Conference 2012 Pt 5 Creel 2012-09-30 HERE  
  Missions Conference 2012 Pt 6 Trump;Creel 2012-09-30 HERE  
  Be Friendly Carpenter 2012-10-03 HERE  
  What is it to Worship in Spirit Carpenter 2012-10-07 HERE  
  The Necessity of Repentance Carpenter 2012-10-07 HERE  
  Best Friend Carpenter 2012-10-10 HERE  
  What is it to Worship in Truth Carpenter 2012-10-14 HERE  
  Promises of God Stiles 2012-10-14 HERE  
  Glory to God Carpenter 2012-10-21 HERE  
  Dealing with Persecution Carpenter 2012-10-21 HERE  
  How do we Glorify God Carpenter 2012-10-28 HERE  
  Pride Carpenter 2012-10-31 HERE  
  Barrier Breakers to Worship Carpenter 2012-11-04 HERE  
  Pride Pt 2 Carpenter 2012-11-07 HERE  
  Worship in Music Carpenter 2012-11-11 HERE  
  Pattern for Evangelism Carpenter 2012-11-11 HERE  
  Pride Pt 3 Carpenter 2012-11-14 HERE  
  Graciously Disagreeing Carpenter 2012-11-18 HERE  
  Graciously Disagreeing Pt 2 Carpenter 2012-11-18 HERE  
  Gods Law Camuglia 2012-11-20 HERE  
  Thanksgiving and Blessings Carpenter 2012-11-25 HERE  
  Thanksgiving and Blessings Pt 2 Carpenter 2012-11-25 HERE  
  Church Leadership Carpenter 2012-12-02 HERE  
  Marriage Carpenter 2012-12-02 HERE  
  The Greatness of Stephen Carpenter 2012-12-09 HERE  
  Marriage, Divorce and Remarriage Carpenter 2012-12-09 HERE  
  Talebearer, Backbiter, Slanderer and Falsewitness Pt 3 Carpenter 2012-12-12 HERE  
  The Total Depravity of Mankind Carpenter 2012-12-16 HERE  
  The Fullness of Time Carpenter 2012-12-16 HERE  
  Integrity Carpenter 2012-12-19 HERE  
  The Christmas Story Carpenter 2012-12-23 HERE  
  Shew How Great God Hath Done Unto Thee Mack 2012-12-23 HERE  
  Jesus Christmas List Carpenter 2012-12-26 HERE  
  Content Believers Carpenter 2012-12-30 HERE