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  Title Preacher Date Link  
  The Tongue Carpenter 2013-01-02 HERE  
  Look With In And Look Ahead Carpenter 2013-01-06 HERE  
  The Tongue Pt 2 Carpenter 2013-01-09 HERE  
  Defense of the Faith Carpenter 2013-01-13 HERE  
  Lords Supper Carpenter 2013-01-13 HERE  
  Prophecy Carpenter 2013-01-13 HERE  
  The First Christian Martyr, But Not The Last Carpenter 2013-01-20 HERE  
  God Wants to Show You Something Dewitt 2013-01-20 HERE  
  The Tongue Pt 4 Carpenter 2013-01-23 HERE  
  The Persecuted Church Reaches Out Carpenter 2013-01-27 HERE  
  Marriage, Divorce and Remarriage Biblical Options Carpenter 2013-01-27 HERE  
  Bible Interpretations Carpenter 2013-01-27 HERE  
  16 Deadly Ds of the Devil Carpenter 2013-02-03 HERE  
  The Great Commission - We are All Missionaries Moore 2013-02-03 HERE  
  Prophecy Pt 2 Carpenter 2013-02-03 HERE  
  Wine Carpenter 2013-02-06 HERE  
  A Non-saving Faith Carpenter 2013-02-10 HERE  
  Revival Carpenter 2013-02-10 HERE  
  A Saving Grace Carpenter 2013-02-17 HERE  
  Revival Pt 2 Carpenter 2013-02-17 HERE  
  Virtuous Woman Pt 2 Carpenter 2013-02-20 HERE  
  The Transformed Life Carpenter 2013-02-24 HERE  
  Teach Me to Pray Carpenter 2013-02-24 HERE  
  Prayer Pt 2 Carpenter 2013-03-03 HERE  
  Prayer Carpenter 2013-03-03 HERE  
  Building on a Solid Rock Stiles 2013-03-03 HERE  
  The B(s) Stiles 2013-03-03 HERE  
  Report on Albany Stiles 2013-03-03 HERE  
  7 Ways to Keep From Backsliding Case 2013-03-06 HERE  
  The Transformed Life Pt 2 Carpenter 2013-03-10 HERE  
  Prayer Pt 3 Carpenter 2013-03-10 HERE  
  The Agony of Victory Carpenter 2013-03-13 HERE  
  We Should Practice, Persistent, Continual Prayer Carpenter 2013-03-17 HERE  
  The Transformed Life Pt 3 Carpenter 2013-03-17 HERE  
  The Marks of a Winner Carpenter 2013-03-20 HERE  
  Confession and Prayer Carpenter 2013-03-24 HERE  
  The New Testament Church Carpenter 2013-03-24 HERE  
  Characteristic of a Champion for Christ Carpenter 2013-03-27 HERE  
  Easter Cantata: No Stone Could Hold Him Carpenter 2013-03-31 HERE  
  Easter Communion Carpenter 2013-03-31 HERE  
  What Christs Resurrection Means to Me Case 2013-04-03 HERE  
  Bitterness Schwanke 2013-04-07 HERE  
  Spiritual Amnesia Schwanke 2013-04-07 HERE  
  Lessons Learned from a Loss Schwanke 2013-04-08 HERE  
  Parents on Cruise Control Schwanke 2013-04-09 HERE  
  Continue Thou Schwanke 2013-04-10 HERE  
  Praise Carpenter 2013-04-14 HERE  
  Throwing Out the Life Line Carpenter 2013-04-14 HERE  
  Christian Soldier Carpenter 2013-04-17 HERE  
  True Witness Joel 2013-04-21 HERE  
  Throwing Out the Life Line Pt 2 Carpenter 2013-04-21 HERE  
  True Winner For God Carpenter 2013-04-24 HERE  
  Petitioner Supplication Carpenter 2013-04-28 HERE  
  How to Treat Other Believers Carpenter 2013-04-28 HERE  
  Teach Your Children Hawkins 2013-05-01 HERE  
  Hindrances of Prayer Carpenter 2013-05-05 HERE  
  Nothing Can Defeat God Carpenter 2013-05-05 HERE  
  Do You Love Jesus? Carpenter 2013-05-08 HERE  
  It Costs to Serve Christ Carpenter 2013-05-15 HERE  
  Gospel Text Ministry Viscome 2013-05-19 HERE  
  Missions Carpenter 2013-05-19 HERE  
  Influence Mack 2013-05-22 HERE  
  Why Do We Not Win Souls Carpenter 2013-05-26 HERE  
  One Nation Under God Carpenter 2013-05-26 HERE  
  Do not be Discouraged Evangelizing Carpenter 2013-06-02 HERE  
  Pauls Missionary Journey (Cont) Carpenter 2013-06-02 HERE  
  The Prayer of the Wayward Christian Overton 2013-06-09 HERE  
  Its not too Late Overton 2013-06-09 HERE  
  Coming out of the Wilderness Carpenter 2013-06-12 HERE  
  A Warning about Materialism Carpenter 2013-06-16 HERE  
  Fathers Day Message Carpenter 2013-06-16 HERE  
  Bad Things Happen Faulkner 2013-06-19 HERE  
  Why are Christians Mean? Carpenter 2013-06-23 HERE  
  Covenants Parkas 2013-06-23 HERE  
  Keeping Our Eyes Fixed on Jesus Carpenter 2013-06-30 HERE  
  Effective Service Carpenter 2013-06-30 HERE  
  America has Forgotten God Carpenter 2013-07-07 HERE  
  The Fall of a Nation - Sodomy Carpenter 2013-07-07 HERE  
  Salvation by Grace Through Faith Carpenter 2013-07-14 HERE  
  The White Horse Carpenter 2013-07-14 HERE  
  Salvation by Grace Through Faith Carpenter 2013-07-21 HERE  
  Enemies in a Believers Life Carpenter 2013-07-21 HERE  
  Children Carpenter 2013-07-28 HERE  
  Rules for Marriage Carpenter 2013-08-04 HERE  
  The Nature of Our Enemy Carpenter 2013-08-04 HERE  
  Prayer Faulkner 2013-08-07 HERE  
  The Apostles Carpenter 2013-09-08 HERE  
  Missions Week Pt 8 Carpenter 2013-10-02 HERE  
  Signs of the Coming of the Day of the Lord Carpenter 2013-10-13 HERE  
  The Apostle Peter Carpenter 2013-10-16 HERE  
  Key Events of the Day of the Lord Carpenter 2013-10-20 HERE  
  God Speaks through Experiences - Peter Carpenter 2013-10-23 HERE  
  Faith Over Reason Carpenter 2013-10-27 HERE  
  Encouragement Carpenter 2013-10-27 HERE  
  The Apostle Andrew Carpenter 2013-10-30 HERE  
  Communion Carpenter 2013-11-03 HERE  
  70 Weeks Carpenter 2013-11-03 HERE  
  Tradition versus Law Carpenter 2013-11-03 HERE  
  The Apostle James Carpenter 2013-11-06 HERE  
  There is Power in the Word of God Carpenter 2013-11-10 HERE  
  Gap Between Weeks Carpenter 2013-11-10 HERE  
  Steps to Freedom in Christ Carpenter 2013-11-10 HERE  
  The Apostle James Pt 2 Carpenter 2013-11-13 HERE  
  Witnessing Carpenter 2013-11-17 HERE  
  The Riot at Ephesus Carpenter 2013-11-17 HERE  
  Who Are The 24 Elders Carpenter 2013-11-17 HERE  
  Thankfulness Carpenter 2013-11-20 HERE  
  The Restrainer Carpenter 2013-11-24 HERE  
  Dos and Donts of Witnessing Carpenter 2013-11-24 HERE  
  Being Thankful Carpenter 2013-11-24 HERE  
  The Restrainer Carpenter 2013-11-24 HERE  
  The Goodness of God - Praise Him Carpenter 2013-11-27 HERE  
  The Restrainer and Review Carpenter 2013-12-01 HERE  
  Winning the Lost Carpenter 2013-12-01 HERE  
  The Restrainer and Review Carpenter 2013-12-01 HERE  
  Son of Thunder - The Apostle of Love - John Carpenter 2013-12-04 HERE  
  The Olivet Discourse and Revelation Carpenter 2013-12-07 HERE  
  Soul Winning Carpenter 2013-12-08 HERE  
  Advice for the Ministry Carpenter 2013-12-08 HERE  
  The Apostle John Carpenter 2013-12-11 HERE  
  Pauls Successful Ministry Carpenter 2013-12-15 HERE  
  What if Jesus Had Not Come Carpenter 2013-12-15 HERE  
  Who is Jesus Carpenter 2013-12-15 HERE  
  The Apostle Philip Carpenter 2013-12-18 HERE  
  The First Christmas Present Knuff 2013-12-22 HERE  
  The Grace of God Carpenter 2013-12-22 HERE  
  The Christmas Story Carpenter 2013-12-22 HERE  
  The Christmas Story Carpenter 2013-12-24 HERE  
  Jacob Mack 2013-12-29 HERE  
  Fellowship Faulkner 2013-12-29 HERE  
  The New City Carpenter 2013-12-29 HERE  
  The Woman of Revelation Carpenter 2013-12-29 HERE