All Sermons From 2015:
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  Title Preacher Date Link  
  I am the Light of the World-Part 1 Carpenter 2015-02-15 HERE  
  Arise There is Work to Do Carpenter 2015-02-22 HERE  
  Who Is Your Father Carpenter 2015-03-08 HERE  
  Missionary to Australia Pittman 2015-03-08 HERE  
  Resurrection Sunday Carpenter 2015-04-05 HERE  
  Charismatics Carpenter 2015-04-05 HERE  
  Resurrection Sunday (Cont) Carpenter 2015-04-05 HERE  
  Women of the Bible - Part 27 (Mary Magdalene Cont) Carpenter 2015-04-08 HERE  
  Perfect Savior Carpenter 2015-04-12 HERE  
  The Lord's Supper Carpenter 2015-04-12 HERE  
  Women of the Bible - Part 28 (Hannah) Carpenter 2015-04-15 HERE  
  Christ Is All And In All Carpenter 2015-04-19 HERE  
  Elijah Sauer 2015-04-19 HERE  
  A Mission's Process Sauer 2015-04-19 HERE  
  Evolution vs Creation Lowder 2015-04-22 HERE  
  Paul Teaches the Galatians Carpenter 2015-04-26 HERE  
  Being Involved In Evangelism Carpenter 2015-04-26 HERE  
  Women of the Bible - Part 29 (Hannah) Carpenter 2015-04-29 HERE  
  Marriage Under Attack -Part 2 Carpenter 2015-05-03 HERE  
  Marriage Under Attack -Part 1 Carpenter 2015-05-03 HERE  
  Women of the Bible - Part 30 (Samaritan) Carpenter 2015-05-06 HERE  
  Fight the Devil Stauble 2015-05-10 HERE  
  Charge to Men on Mothers Day Carpenter 2015-05-10 HERE  
  Women of the Bible - Part 31 (Samaritan) Carpenter 2015-05-13 HERE  
  Preparing For Endtimes Carpenter 2015-05-17 HERE  
  The Transformation Of Paul Carpenter 2015-05-17 HERE  
  Women of the Bible - Part 32 (Rahab) Carpenter 2015-05-20 HERE  
  Preparing For Endtimes (Part 2) Carpenter 2015-05-24 HERE  
  Be Informed Be Involved Carpenter 2015-05-24 HERE  
  Women of the Bible - Part 33 (Rahab) Carpenter 2015-05-27 HERE  
  Perspective Carpenter 2015-05-31 HERE  
  Truth Supersedes Peace Carpenter 2015-05-31 HERE  
  Preparing For Endtimes (Part 3) Carpenter 2015-05-31 HERE  
  Providence of God Morrison 2015-06-03 HERE  
  Leadership In The Church Carpenter 2015-06-07 HERE  
  A Battle For Truth Carpenter 2015-06-07 HERE  
  Spiritual Fruit Perry 2015-06-10 HERE  
  Benefits of Missions Giving Diehl 2015-06-14 HERE  
  Faith Not Law Carpenter 2015-06-14 HERE  
  Biblical Fathers Case 2015-06-17 HERE  
  A Good Man Marshall 2015-06-21 HERE  
  Family Marshall 2015-06-21 HERE  
  The Devil's Tactics Marshall 2015-06-22 HERE  
  Our Anchor In The Time Of Storm Marshall 2015-06-23 HERE  
  Rescuing the Perishing Marshall 2015-06-24 HERE  
  Leadership In The Church (Cont) Carpenter 2015-06-28 HERE  
  Why The Law Carpenter 2015-06-28 HERE  
  A Path To The Light Lowder 2015-07-01 HERE  
  Leadership In The Church (Cont) Carpenter 2015-07-05 HERE  
  Remaining Uncompromised Carpenter 2015-07-05 HERE  
  God's Providence Carpenter 2015-07-08 HERE  
  Leadership In The Church (Cont) Carpenter 2015-07-12 HERE  
  Adoption In Christ Carpenter 2015-07-12 HERE  
  Get Involved Case 2015-07-15 HERE  
  Leadership In The Church (Cont) Carpenter 2015-07-19 HERE  
  Flesh VS Spirit Carpenter 2015-07-19 HERE  
  Leadership In The Church (Cont) Carpenter 2015-07-26 HERE  
  The Bondage Of Living By Law Carpenter 2015-07-26 HERE  
  Juvenile Prison Ministry Moss 2015-07-29 HERE  
  Precious Valles 2015-08-02 HERE  
  Raising A Godly Child Carpenter 2015-08-02 HERE  
  Christian Education Stiles 2015-08-05 HERE  
  How To Keep On Keeping On Carpenter 2015-08-09 HERE  
  Freedom Carpenter 2015-08-09 HERE  
  Leadership In The Church (Cont) Carpenter 2015-08-16 HERE  
  Go Ye Carpenter 2015-08-16 HERE  
  Faith Case 2015-08-19 HERE  
  Leadership In The Church (Final) Carpenter 2015-08-23 HERE  
  Over-coming the Flesh Carpenter 2015-08-23 HERE  
  Turn Back To God Carpenter 2015-08-30 HERE  
  Maturing in Christ Carpenter 2015-08-30 HERE  
  Seven new things Galuta 2015-09-02 HERE  
  7 Walks Case 2015-09-06 HERE  
  Response to The Fruit Carpenter 2015-09-06 HERE  
  22 Points Case 2015-09-09 HERE  
  Die To Self Sinde 2015-09-09 HERE  
  Draw The Line Carpenter 2015-09-13 HERE  
  Aspects to The Fruit Carpenter 2015-09-13 HERE  
  Cast Thy Burden Schwanke 2015-09-16 HERE  
  God Of The Impossible Carpenter 2015-09-20 HERE  
  Gentleness, Goodness Carpenter 2015-09-20 HERE  
  Praise Ye the Lord Case 2015-09-23 HERE  
  Serve God Not Idols Knouf 2015-09-27 HERE  
  God's Plan for Missions Knouf 2015-09-27 HERE  
  Motivation Knouf 2015-09-28 HERE  
  Destiny Wears 2015-09-28 HERE  
  Why Knouf 2015-09-29 HERE  
  Die To Self Sinde 2015-09-29 HERE  
  Get On The Front Line Knouf 2015-09-30 HERE  
  Potential Reasons For Little Faith Holland 2015-09-30 HERE  
  Revival Yesterday And Today Carpenter 2015-10-04 HERE  
  Creature Comforts Carpenter 2015-10-04 HERE  
  What To Do Case 2015-10-07 HERE  
  Bema Seat Carpenter 2015-10-11 HERE  
  Got Mercy? Carpenter 2015-10-11 HERE  
  Current Events Carpenter 2015-10-14 HERE  
  The Marriage Supper Of The Lamb Carpenter 2015-10-18 HERE  
  What is Faith? Carpenter 2015-10-18 HERE  
  Marriage Stiles 2015-10-25 HERE  
  Arise Stiles 2015-10-25 HERE  
  Perilous Times Carpenter 2015-10-28 HERE  
  Godly Men Carpenter 2015-11-01 HERE  
  Called to Be Faithful Carpenter 2015-11-01 HERE  
  End Times Kingdoms Carpenter 2015-11-04 HERE  
  Sue Thomas Testimony Thomas 2015-11-08 HERE  
  Meekness is not Weakness Carpenter 2015-11-08 HERE  
  Meekness Thomas 2015-11-08 HERE  
  End Times Kingdoms (cont) Carpenter 2015-11-11 HERE  
  Will You Surrender Childers 2015-11-15 HERE  
  Temperance Carpenter 2015-11-15 HERE  
  Axis Of Evil Carpenter 2015-11-18 HERE  
  Knowing Him Personally Sandy 2015-11-22 HERE  
  A Call to Thanksgiving Case 2015-11-22 HERE  
  Thankfulness Case 2015-11-24 HERE  
  A Reason For Thankfulness Carpenter 2015-11-29 HERE  
  The Work of the Spirit Carpenter 2015-11-29 HERE  
  Israel The Super State Carpenter 2015-12-02 HERE  
  Set My Soul A Fire Carpenter 2015-12-06 HERE  
  Burden Bearing Carpenter 2015-12-06 HERE  
  Signs and Wonders Carpenter 2015-12-09 HERE  
  The Scarlet Thread Stiles 2015-12-13 HERE  
  A Church on Fire Carpenter 2015-12-13 HERE