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  Being Spiritually Rich Through Christ Pastor Carpenter 2018-07-22 HERE  
  Be Courageous Pastor Carpenter 2018-07-22 HERE  
  What's a Testimony Pastor Case 2018-07-25 HERE  
  Spiritual Authority in the War Pastor Carpenter 2018-07-29 HERE  
  How We Can be Good Soldiers Pastor Case 2018-07-29 HERE  
  Shore up the Breaches Brother Josh Gant 2018-08-01 HERE  
  The Word of Their Testimony Pastor Carpenter 2018-08-05 HERE  
  Self Control Pastor Carpenter 2018-08-05 HERE  
  Secured in Salvation Brother Mike Glazier 2018-08-08 HERE  
  The Word of Their Testimony Part 2 Pastor Carpenter 2018-08-12 HERE