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  Title Preacher Date Link  
  How to Suffer Well Brother Perry 2017-07-19 HERE  
  Things a Christian Should Learn Brother Pardi 2017-07-23 HERE  
  Surrender to Serve PCC 2017-07-23 HERE  
  Reconciliation Pastor Carpenter 2017-07-30 HERE  
  Committed Christians Pastor Carpenter 2017-07-30 HERE  
  Prayer and Fasting Brother Lowder 2017-08-02 HERE  
  Rejected by the Father Pastor Carpenter 2017-08-06 HERE  
  A Vision for the Youth Pastor Carpenter 2017-08-06 HERE  
  Improving Your Walk Brother Prosser 2017-08-09 HERE  
  Run the Race Brother Case 2017-08-13 HERE