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  Missions Giving - Part 4 Pastor Carpenter 2018-09-30 HERE  
  Crisis, Cure, Command Brother John Mills 2018-10-03 HERE  
  God Owns it All Brother John Mills 2018-10-04 HERE  
  Sacrifical Faith Offering Brother John Mills 2018-10-05 HERE  
  Conviction of Faith Promise Giving Brother John Mills 2018-10-07 HERE  
  Soul Winning Brother Paul Daku 2018-10-07 HERE  
  To Every Creature Brother John Mills 2018-10-07 HERE  
  God's Love Brother Pitala 2018-10-07 HERE  
  Control Your Tongue Pastor Carpenter 2018-10-10 HERE  
  Kingdom Authority in the Home Pastor Carpenter 2018-10-14 HERE